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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Exclusive FREE Look at Chapter one of the soon to be published Zombie Novel, "THE ENRAGED"

Thanks for reading. In my novel, the walking dead actually run. I felt like zombies that can run are much scarier than mindless zombies who lumber around.  The main character, Shay is your average everyday house wife who is flung into an insane zombie apocalyptic world where people are being slaughtered like lambs.  She's separated from her family and forced to toughen up or die.  Chapter one shows you the new/stronger version of our beautiful heroin in action there's only one problem, she'd been bitten...
In Chapter 2 you'll go back a few months where I introduce you to Shay's husband and her daughters before the outbreak.

            Rushing water filled her mouth and splashed into her eyes as she pushed away, slithering out from under a monstrous corpse.  As she stood up, her white tank top suctioned to her ribs exposing her cheetah like features.  It was hard to imagine she was the mother of three young girls.  She still had the physique to make men look twice and women jealous.  A shimmering strand of half-brown, half-bleach-blond hair hung in front of her face as she coughed water from her lungs.  Shay knew that if she fired her pistol she’d be surrounded by hundreds of enraged, flesh-eating humans again.  She blinked the water from her eyes and glanced at the human teeth marks on her shoulder.  Blood trickled from the wound, staining her tank top crimson.  The venom from the bite burned her skin like acid and she felt the severe effects of the poison as it flowed through her blood stream like starved piranhas.

A second man, who was also infected, stood up in ankle-deep water.  He looked putrid as the skin peeling from his face and body exposed raw, bloodied muscle and bone.  Shay’s heart pounded as the vile man rushed toward her.  The saliva dripped from his rotting teeth as he opened his mouth wide and she knew he wanted to eat her alive.  Shay readjusted the pistol so she was holding the barrel and raised it over her shoulder.  As he approached, she could only see darkness and death in his eyes––it was clear his soul had long since left his body.  The man lunged and she bashed him in the mouth with the butt of the gun.   The impact shattered his teeth from his jaw and they flew through the air in a bloody eruption.  The man grabbed her shirt as he fell, pulling her into the stream.  She landed on top of him and placed her right hand on his throat, constraining him against the pebbled creek bed.  The decaying man grabbed at her as she repeatedly hit him in the head with the gun’s handle.  Blood spattered her face and arms as his skull caved in.  The decaying man stopped moving and she knew he would never bite again.

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