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Monday, June 2, 2014

What's happening in Zombie Land?

I just heard the rumor that Glen Rhee (Steven Yeun) from "The Walking Dead" is going to die.  I hope there's no truth to this because Glen Rhee truly one of the few Good Guys from the show.  Alanna Masterson tweeted"when someone great is gone." during filming which seemed to validate the rumor.  Either way, someone major from "The Walking Dead" is gone.  Let's just ray it's not Glen Rhee... at least we know it's not Daryl Dixon.  That would really suck and then no one would watch the show any more.

In the world of "The Enraged" - (My Zombie World)
I completed the novel about six months ago. I went through the book with an editor and removed a bunch of unnecessary wording to help the story move faster. I also added a new chapter about JT Donovan (Shay's husband) and his buddy Porter.  It's short but necessary to the flow of the novel. At this stage I'm ready to look for a book agent, but not quite sure what to do. I'm still strongly considering self publishing, but I understand that's a much longer road.  It's hard, when you know you have a GREAT Story, to give up so much of your profits to a publisher, But it's the fastest route and will most likely lead to a movie deal much quicker which is my ultimate goal.  Thanks for reading.

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