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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Author Immages

Picking the image you're going to show to the world for your author page is something that stresses me out a little, especially as the release of my newest novel, "The Enraged" quickly approaches. Do you have fun with it, do you go professional, or just find a picture where you're chillin'? Below are the images I have to choose from or there's another option... I could go take some more pictures. I happen to have a great photographer near by. Here's what I have. I'd love to hear your feed back.
Ty Wilde, Tyler Wilde, The Enraged, Zombie Book, The Walking Dead
 This image is from the cover of my book, "Everything I Touch Turns to SOLD" It's a good professional picture. I'm thinking that maybe this would be the wrong picture to use since it's from the cover of my sales book.

Ty Wilde, Tyler Wilde, The Enraged, Zombie Book, The Walking Dead
This picture is from my trip to Oahu, Hawaii. It's a little more relaxed. I kind of like it in black and white, but once again, I'm not sure if this is the right picture to use.

Ty Wilde, Tyler Wilde, The Enraged, Zombie Book, The Walking Dead
Then there's this image. It's the one I use for my work, New Home Sales stuff. My business cards, price sheet and etc. It's also the most recent picture of me.

I could just have fun with it and do something like this. OR...

I could just go full Zombie, looking like something from The Walking Dead. LOL. Maybe not. 
Either way, I'd love to hear your opinions.

Monday, September 19, 2016

No Place is Safe, Only Safer

I Found this fun article on The Zombie Blog. Check it out!

MAY 17, 2015

Finding a new place to live in the world of Zombies is always a hard decision. The threat of Zombies, Raiders, wild animals and the foul living conditions. This is why no place is truly safe, only safer.
When you are securing a new place to live and preparing it for the long-term is very important to survive for a longer time. This will make you feel more safe, you will be familiar with the area and could be very safe. However, it could also be very dangerous as you might become sloppy regarding safety and can quickly lead to being wounded or even death.
You also have to know when it is time to go. Zombies might get through a fence, the water spoils, there is no more game, the plants are not growing, or a building slowly crumbles away. It is time to go. When this time comes, you should already have investigated the area for a new place. A plan B. If there is nothing close-by, then pick up only the stuff that you really need to survive for a few days out in the wild. Always be prepared to move. Have a bug-out-bag ready and multiple plans to get out. This will be your savior when the time comes.
If you can’t find shelter for the night, find a tree and tie yourself down like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.
Katniss everdeen rope tree tieTo learn more about my novel, Check out my web page

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I had a fun successful event at Author U in Denver this weekend. I was a finalist in the Draft to Dream Competition and I participated in the Shark Tank where I got some great prizes. Some of the thing I won were Free Book Cover Design, $100 gift card from a publisher, & a Free Edit of my zombie novel "The Enraged". For those aspiring authors of those of you looking to increase your book sales, The Author U Extravaganza is a must to attend.

For more info on my novel go to

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Author U writers conference in Denver. Making final changes to my novel "The Enraged"

I had a great time at Author U in Denver this weekend. I'd strongly recommend anyone looking to make improvements to their novel attend this event. There are so many industry professionals in attendance and they're willing to spend their personal time with you to teach you. Friends and contacts are made that are sure to help as you go from author to marketing your book for sales. 
 Here I am chillin' by the fire in my Enraged T-shirt by the fire.
 Chillin' with THE Judith Briles by the Author U ice sculpture.
Getting serious before the Author U Shark Tank. It was scary, but I survived and walked away with some great help for my novel "The Enraged"
#AuthorU #TheEnraged