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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pitch for "The Enraged" a Fiction Novel about an outbreak in the United States

Shay Donovan is an average American house wife from California.  She has never even killed a spider and detests violence in all forms.  Her husband’s best friend is a Navy Seal, but Shay has always refused to handle his firearms.  During a simple business trip to Los Angeles, Shay’s perfect world is thrown into chaos by a terrifying and unthinkable outbreak.  She must lean on strangers to help her escape from the city and into the mountains in a desperate attempt to find her family.  Her journey is filled with danger and heartbreak as hoards of infected humans, hunt down and devour the few remaining survivors.  Shay must find the courage to push forward as the dark cloud of death continues to consume those around her.  Even humans can’t be trusted in the harsh new world as Shay finds herself in a world of kill or be killed.  And, if she wants to survive, she must become a killer. 

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