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Saturday, June 7, 2014

PROLOGUE for "THE ENRAGED" My Zombie Apocalypse Novel

I thought today would be a good day to share the prologue of my Novel "The Enraged" with you all. 
Take a read and let me know what you think.  Thanks!

            Shay Kimball Donovan was twenty-nine years old when her world changed forever.  The year was 2026, and the United States was trying to pull out of what seemed like a never-ending recession.  The President had succeeded in his agenda for bigger government which severely divided the people and handicapped the nation.  Nearly half of the US population was on welfare assistance as unemployment levels were at historical highs.  Taxes skyrocketed to astronomical levels to support the ever-growing group of entitlement-minded people and the US dollar dwindled in value.  The United States was so far in debt that the government was on the brink of collapse.  The country was so divided politically that individuals had to choose sides between being Republican or Democratic, there was no middle ground.  People had forgotten the value of a true Republic government.  Many were so upset with the long standing regime that they were preparing to take up arms. 
            To compound the problems, the President was winning his personal war against the Second Amendment.  His plan to destroy firearms and ammunition through gun buyback programs was a tremendous success.  Many Americans eagerly traded their firearms and freedom for $100 gift cards.  For those who still owned firearms, the gun laws had become so stringent that you had to keep guns hidden away unless you were hunting.  Having so few weapons in the hands of citizens and limited ammunition created the perfect scenario for total disaster.  A sudden leprosy pandemic was cause for major concern, but the leprosy wasn't what should have been feared... 

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