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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zombie Novels and Zombie Movies - What's different about my Zombie novel...

Shay Donovan - Hero of "The Enraged" a novel by Tyler Wilde
Zombie, zombies, zombies... It seems like it's starting to get played out, but I still love 'em!  Since I finished my novel (Ha ha like that ever happens) about a year ago I've been trying to read other zombie novels to see what else is out there and how my novel compares. To be honest I've been very encouraged, because the more I read the better I feel about my novel. It has a different feel too it completely! My test readers are raving about the novel saying "This will be a movie" and I just received my first offer to fund the entire production of my novel "The Enraged"!  I'm just getting submit my novel for a final edit, but still need to hear back from a few more test readers.
Thanks for all the support and your patience. This process has been long, but I've loved every second of it.  If all goes to plan, my novel will be on shelves later this year.

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