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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Become a VIP...

After nearly 5 years of hard work, I'm thrilled to announce that my novel, "The Enraged" will soon be released (Sept. 2015). I've created a VIP list on my website where you can go to sign up!

There are many advantages to being a VIP.
#1 You'll be the first to receive updates
#2 Only VIP's will be eligible for many prizes & giveaways 
#3 You'll be given priority to RARE/Limited print copies of my novel, "The Enraged"

I would really appreciate your support in helping me spread the word.

The Enraged is a fast moving story about a young mom, named Shay Donovan who is separated from her family during an outbreak where hundreds of millions have become infected. Shay is in a fight for her life as the Enraged One's devour the world around her. Soccer mom turns killer in a fight for her life, holding onto the slim hope that she can find her family, if they are still alive.

The Enraged is written for men, women and young adults as the story bounces back and forth between Shay and her family as they desperately search for each other. Shay is your normal everyday stay at home mom who hates violence, but she knows that if she is to survive she's going to have to fight. Shay is physically, mentally, morally and spiritually strong and that's why this novel is perfect for women and young women trying to find their identity or just wanting to read a good adventure.

Ty Wilde - Author of "The Enraged"

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